After speaking at a church in Osaka, Japan we were approached by a few for prayer. One woman in particular from the Philippines began explaining to Danielle and I that five years ago she was hit in the face with a door, very hard! The impact knocked out a number of teeth and left her with chronic pain. If that wasn’t bad enough, we found out that she had limited ability opening her mouth. The trauma had left an emotional impact as well she explained.

As we prayed for her, we all felt the Holy Spirit come powerfully. After quickly asking the Lord to come and heal, we checked in with her, asking how it felt and if she could try opening her mouth. Immediately there was a significant difference. She started opening and closing her mouth, each time further and further. Not only was she opening her mouth as wide as anyone would expect someone to be able to, but she told us all the pain was gone! Yay, God!

The pastors checked in with her again the next day and reported back to us that the pain was entirely gone!


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