Danielle and I describe ourselves simply as passionate followers of Jesus. We believe that He and His mission are the only things that makes sense living for!

We are graduates of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and were ordained in Redding, CA by Drs. Heidi and Rolland Baker and Will Hart of Iris Global. Based currently in Seattle, WA we run a inner healing and deliverance ministry, speak, and teach. We plan to soon make the move to Japan for full time missions work.



In 2006, in a room of near six-hundred people, Danielle was the first person I met as I walked into my first day at the Bethel Redding School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM). We later discovered that the same person, half a world away, was responsible for us both being there. The Lord had set us up, and in 2008 we started our life together.

11078068_10205163783207344_3917007008758696281_oDanielle is a fourth-generation missionary with a rich family history. Her family has served overseas in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, England, and Mozambique. Continuing in that tradition, Danielle bravely and enthusiastically looks forward to where the Lord will send her next. Danielle has been leading inner healing since 2009 and has a deep passion for the arts. 

At the age of fifteen I had my first truly powerful encounter, exceeding what I was accustomed to growing up in a Christian home. As my close friend began to describe what the Holy Spirit was doing in him, a cloud appeared. With it an was amazingly potent presence of the Lord that brought everyone there to tears. This turning point set the direction for the rest of my life. 

After graduating from BSSM, Danielle and I moved from Redding, California to Atlanta, Georgia where we had been invited to serve as leaders in the newly planted Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry. During these years, we had the privilege to invest into many incredible students, lead outreach into one of the darkest places in the city, and travel to many different places to release the Kingdom. In this season the Lord further developed our vision for international missions, specifically pointing us to Osaka, Japan.

As our southern adventure continued, Danielle and I ministered on a Prophetic Deliverance team alongside some of our dearest friends. Witnessing the freedom individuals obtained through this ministry, we knew it would be crucial for our future missionary work. While I finished my Bachelor’s of Science, Danielle worked at a Christian pregnancy center. Here she saw over three hundred and fifty babies saved as their mothers reversed their decisions about abortion.

Before making the move over the Pacific Ocean, we felt the Lord calling us to Seattle, Washington for a last season of preparation. Following His lead, we arrived in Seattle in 2015 where we trained a new Prophetic Deliverance team, provided deliverance and inner healing ministry, and lead a “Simple Church” out of our home. Danielle is currently finishing her Bachelor’s of Business Administration at University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. With the conclusion of her studies, we will set off to begin life’s next chapter in a foreign land.

Cody and Danielle Wahl