Danielle and I describe ourselves simply as passionate followers of Jesus. He and His mission are the only things that makes sense living for!

We are graduates of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and were ordained in Redding, CA by Drs. Heidi and Rolland Baker and Will Hart of Iris Global. Based currently in Seattle, WA we run a inner healing and deliverance ministry, speak, teach and train, and leak the Kingdom everywhere we can.





In 2006, in a room of near six-hundred people, Danielle was the first person I met as I walked into my first day at the Bethel Redding School of Supernatural Ministry. We later discovered that the same person, on the other side of the world, was responsible for us both, individually being there. The Lord had set us up, and in 2008 we started our life and ministry, together.

11078068_10205163783207344_3917007008758696281_oDanielle is a fourth-generation missionary with a rich family history. Her family has served overseas in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, England, and Mozambique. Continuing in that tradition, Danielle bravely and enthusiastically looks forward to where the Lord will send her next. Danielle has been leading inner healing through Sozo since 2009 and has a deep passion for the arts, leading and teaching Prophetic Art. While in Redding, Danielle was a part of making the first Prophetic Arts conference a reality.

At the age of fifteen I had my first truly powerful encounter, exceeding13391394_10103953767290572_7189865702568886662_o_edited what I was accustomed to growing up in a Christian home. As my best friend began to describe what the Holy Spirit was doing in him after his own radical encounter, a cloud appeared and with it an amazingly potent presence of the Lord that brought everyone there to tears. This turning point set the direction for the rest of my life. I’ve since developed a particular fondness for, and felt specifically called to prophetic ministry.

After graduating from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, we moved from California to Atlanta, Georgia where we had been invited to serve as leaders in the newly planted Bethel Atlanta School of Supernatural Ministry (BASSM). It was an honor to invest into each of the incredible students, lead outreach into one of the darkest places in the city, and travel to different places in the country, releasing the Kingdom and witnessing amazing miracles for the years we were there. It was also here that I experienced one of the more potent confirmations of the prophetic calling the Lord had for me. While visiting BASSM, Shawn Bolz prophesied that lightning would strike someone’s house in the next few days, giving with it a detailed prophetic word that was to be confirmed by this sign; a few days later, lightning struck our home.

As the our adventure continued in Georgia, Danielle and I were part of a deliverance ministry alongside some of our dearest friends we had made in the South. Over our remaining years in Georgia, we witnessed many obtain incredible amounts of freedom. It was also during this time that I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Danielle worked five years at a Christian pregnancy center, seeing over three hundred and fifty babies saved as their mothers reversed their decisions about abortion! 

In what would be our last few years in Georgia, the Holy Spirit started revealing to Danielle and I where we would be in the years to come. First, he started growing a desire in us for the nation of Japan. For years we both knew we would be doing missionary work in Asia, but weren’t quite sure of when and where exactly. But, the Lord spoke clearly, telling us the name of the exact city we’d be going to in Japan and at another time the name of the mountain, in Japanese, that the city boarders up against!  Before we were to make the move over the Pacific Ocean, we felt the Lord calling us to Seattle, Washington.

Following the lead of the Holy Spirit across the country again, we arrived in Seattle in 2015. Though we were certain the Lord sent us to the Pacific Northwest, we weren’t entirely sure why. But, with the act of obedience came direction. Once settled, we felt clearly that training up a Prophetic Deliverance team was our first focus and have since done just that, holding deliverance sessions and inner-healing on a near bi-weekly basis. Building relationship with various communities of believers and loving on Jesus together, we’re witnessing people experiencing the Holy Spirit in new, powerful ways on a regular basis. We are very excited to watch this all progress, while also continuing to meet and partner with other leaders, releasing the Kingdom of God, in the region.


It’s such an honor to serve the body, and we can’t imagine ever doing anything but that!

Cody and Danielle Wahl