Hey, everyone!

Hope this update finds you in health and happiness despite the continuing pandemic. This very may well have been our longest period without an update, because well…, we’ve been super busy!

(Happy Easter!)

A few numbers to describe our current life…

Days lived in Japan:

Number of trains boarded since the last blog update:

Days a week in language school:

Number of vocab flashcards I’m supposed to do today:
5601 (estimated 14 hours 42 min)

Total hours in Japanese class:
~1300 and counting

Height of the stack of completed homework papers on my desk:
20.5cm / 8 inches

Though we spend a lot of time studying, we’ve been up to a few other things as well…

I spoke at the YMCA’s winter graduation, sharing the meaning of Christmas in Japanese.

We’ve made, and sadly, said goodbye to many new friends.

We taught, in Japanese, at a Japanese elementary school.

Hosted a number of get togethers with classmates and friends (this was Christmas!)

And lately, have been enjoying the beauty of spring time in Japan

At the park near our home

Scouting Tokyo

Just this past week we returned from a scouting trip to Tokyo. As we’re nearing the end of our time in language school, we’re exploring potential options as to what, and maybe even where, is next for us here in Japan. While in Tokyo, we were able to also spend time with friends, and fellow Iris missionaries, who have come to the country over the last few months. We’re happy to see they’re all doing well. We were also able to meet a number of other believers there, all great people we hope to be able to see again!

Religious Visa

In other news, we’re officially in process of changing from our student visa to religious visa. Actually, we’ve been in process for a few months, but have been too busy to finish it yet (hopefully soon!). This is our next big step in life in Japan and will help position us for staying here long term. We’re excited and thankful to OnFire and team, a long standing ministry based out of a city neighboring Osaka which has done amazing work over many years here in Japan, for extending us the opportunity. We’re looking forward to working together!

Job loss and Funding

One of the more unfortunate things to have occurred over the last few months was the loss of my job which we had been counting on for funding here in Japan. Due to Corona, the company I had been working for was struggling to stay afloat, and I like many others in the world these days became newly unemployed!

Being overseas adds an extra level of stress in such a situation, but we’re continuing with what we have felt the Lord has showed us, and are working hard in those areas, building what we hope to be a long lasting, successful ministry here in Japan.

For nearly a year, I had been working full time and doing 6+ hours of language learning a day. It got to the point where I could not possibly be stretched any thinner, so in that sense, this change has come to me as a sort of relief.

Though we’re currently living off of savings to support ourselves here as missionaries, we have been blessed to receive some support which has been a big help, more than just financially, but as a booster in our confidence to continue on with our work here. A huge thank you to those of you have been supporting, encouraging, and believing in us.

Support building

As we transition from full time language students, we hope to build a support base that would allow us to focus entirely on mission work here in Japan. As missionaries, we do not receive any salary and have been paying entirely out of our own pockets to help bring the Gospel to Japan.

If you’re interested in supporting us, or know of any churches, groups, or individuals who may be, let’s connect!

We currently have multiple ways to give. Visit our support page or email us directly at codyanddanielle@gmail.com !

Prayer requests

  • That we gain clarity about the next season (when, where, what, who)
  • For financial support
  • Continued success in language learning

As always, thanks for reading. Bless you and hope to chat soon!

Cody and Danielle


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