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Its been a little while since I’ve posted anything, but there’s lots going on! I’ll be sure to share soon, in the mean time we received this great report from an individual who went through Prophetic Deliverance with us around nine months ago, and wanted to share it with you all.

Check it out!:


“I had the delight of going through deliverance about 9 months ago. It was something that God had caught my attention with a few years prior. So, when the opportunity arrived for my husband and I to go through deliverance, we jumped at it! The session itself was saturated with peace. I knew in my heart that things would be different going forward. But honestly, I didn’t know what that would look like and I had no idea just how different things would be.
For me, the first month after the session was honestly hard and really disorienting. I felt raw and fragile, like a wound had been reopened.  My discernment sky-rocketed and I was able to pick up on things spiritually that I had never even noticed before. This was amazing, but also surprising and overwhelming at first. Another major shift was that old habits I had, that were largely grounded in patterns of self-sufficiency, were no longer working. These habits included things like busyness (internal and external), people pleasing… and silencing my voice (opinions, ideas, etc) in relationships as part of that. I honestly didn’t realize I was even doing most of these things until I was no longer finding them helpful or satisfying. Post deliverance, these habits felt like they had no power behind them.
Because of all of this, I was very aware of my need of help from the Lord and I chose to pursue Him as my solution as things were brought to my attention. For so long I had old habits that made me feel “safe.” One of the main ways this played out was that I would simply go along with the ideas of others so as to avoid a disagreement. This allowed for some level of peace, even if it was surface level and things were actually unhealthy.  It also generally kept people from leaving me. Totally not a healthy way to live! And I didn’t realize I even did that! After deliverance, the Lord exposed all of my false safety nets, and with the help of Holy Spirit they have been removed once and for all! He pulled up the roots, brought healing, and showed me a new way. He helped me find my own voice and really value it like He does! And He is continually coaching in uprooting old habits and building new ones that are in line with His fullness.  This is such an amazing and beautiful because it is growing me in intimacy with the Lord! My mind is constantly being renewed in greater ways than it ever occurred to me to think could happen.
I just love being a friend of God!  I am so grateful for all He has done for me and for this accelerated time of growth! The way He counsels me makes me praise Him more! Holy Spirit has used this time of rehab post-deliverance to answer prayers that I prayed long ago. ..such as living dependently upon God, worshiping in all circumstances, and having greater connection with Him. The Lord freed me from destruction and ways that the enemy had attempted to have me self destruct. So much of this was in my thinking, but it has also been encouraging to see other changes externally too. Since God delivered me, I have made leaps and gains in progress with my physical healing from chronic illness too! More so than ever before!  God is just so good and He cares so deeply about our freedom! I am so grateful for how He connected me with the Wahls and the deliverance team in Seattle and for the LIFE that has resulted. Praise God who works all things for good!  He is the best!!!”


We don’t measure success in deliverance ministry by the number or size of the unclean spirits we send away from someone (that part is easy!), but by the measure of freedom an individual lives in after healing and rehabbing with Holy Spirit post-deliverance. The most successful individuals post-deliverance always have a few common traits…


  • They genuinely want freedom, to grow, and recover…
  • They get alone and spend time with Holy Spirit, seeking answers and insight…
  • They allow themselves to be vulnerable with Him and others, sharing and discussing their process…
  • They apply themselves, putting active effort into rehabilitating the areas that the enemy had previously sought to kill, steal, and destroy in…


We’d love to hear more stories.

If you have a testimony from Prophetic Deliverance, please share it with us!


If you know you need freedom in your life, check out our Prophetic Deliverance page.

The Wahls


  • Awesome testimony! I noticed some of that stuff in my own life too after deliverance — it’s crazy how much more discernment we can have without competing voices.

    • Thanks, E!

      Ya, same with Danielle and I. Increased discernment wasn’t something we were told to expect, but is definitely a tell-tale sign of someone who has processed through their deliverance and learned to recognize the enemy’s function/puny attempts.

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